The convention unanimously approved the following change to the Title IV Canons:



CANON 1—Of the Disciplinary Board

There is hereby established the Disciplinary Board in and for the Diocese of Georgia.


CANON 2—Composition

Section 1. (a) The Disciplinary Board shall consist of fivesix Clerics and fourfive Laypersons. All members of the Disciplinary Board must be persons canonically resident within the Diocese.

(b) At each Annual Convention, threea sufficient number of persons to fill the then expiring terms of previous board members shall be elected to serve on the Disciplinary Board for a term of three years. Persons elected shall be from each order as required to maintain the required make-up of the Disciplinary Board.

(c) Vacancies occurring within the membership of the Disciplinary Board shall be filled by majority vote of the remaining members of the courtBoard for the remaining term of the person being replaced. Persons elected to fill a vacancy must be from the same order as the person being replaced. Vacancies must be filled within three months of notification of the vacancy unless sooner required by other provisions of the General or Diocesan Canons.

(d) Within sixty days following each Annual Convention, the members of the Disciplinary Board shall elect by majority vote from among themselves, one person to serve as president for a term of one year.

(e) All persons elected or appointed under this section are eligible to be re-elected or reappointed upon expiration of their terms.