The 192nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia was been called back into session for a special convention in Dublin from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on November 16, 2013. The convention met at the DuBose Porter Center on the campus of Oconee Fall Line Technical College (formerly the Heart of Georgia Technical College), just south of Dublin, Georgia. The convention approved the 2014 budget for the Diocese and its camp and conference center, Honey Creek, and also held one election.

The convention elected the following  persons as deputies and alternates to the General Convention of The Episcopal Church which will meet in Salt Lake City in 2015. Those elected are listed by the order in which each was elected:

Clergy Deputies

Frank Logue, Chair of Deputation
Ted Clarkson
Sierra Wilkinson Reyes
William Willoughby III

Clergy Alternates

Talmadge “Joe” Bowden
Jim Shumard
Walter Hobgood
Thomas Purdy

Lay Deputies

Mary Willoughby
Jody Grant
Molly Stevenson
A.L. Addington

Lay Alternates

Carolyn Baker
Bill Steinhauser
Kay Riggle
William Jones


A copy of the Convention Book is posted online here. Inside you will find not only the day’s agenda, but full bios and photos of all persons who had been nominated to serve as General Convention Deputies together with copies of the proposed budgets with an explanatory narrative. Convention Book for Special Convention