The 195th Convention of the Diocese of Georgia elected the following persons to serve on the Board of the Corporation, Church Disciplinary Board, Diocesan Council, General Convention Deputies and Alternates, the Standing Committee, and a Trustee for the University of the South.

Church Disciplinary Board
Neil Dickert and the Revs. Becky Rowell and Cynthia Taylor

Diocesan Council
Deacon Yvette Owens

Standing Committee
Carey Wooten and the Very Rev. Ted Clarkson

Sewanee Trustee
Isabella Stuart Reeves

Deputies and Alternates to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church

Lay Deputies
Jody Grant
Molly Stevenson
Clemontine Washington
Mary Willoughby

Lay alternates: Drew Keane, Paul Stevenson, Beth Mithen, and Rebecca Woods

Clergy Deputies
Frank Logue (Chair)
Ted Clarkson
Kelly Steele
Cynthia Taylor

Clergy alternates: Sandy Turner, Tom Purdy, William Willoughby, and Joe Bowden