The Revs. Tom Purdy (facing camera) and Sam Buice (facing away) take part in the discussion on the proposed Congregations at Risk canonical change.

The convention passed the 2015 budget for the Diocese, received reports and also passed two resolutions.

Proposed Canonical Changes
The diocesan Committee on Constitution and Canons proposed two canonical changes which the Diocesan Convention considered. The proposed new canon on financial investments in mission congregations received a lot of feedback prior to the convention and based on that, a substitute resolution written by the Treasurer of St. Richard’s, Jekyll Island, was put forward as a substitute version of a proposed canon by the Committee on Constitution and Canons. That text was slightly amended for clarity and approved by the convention. The resolution in its final form is online here: Mission Congregations Investments

The proposed canonical change titled “Congregations at Risk” was discussed both Friday and Saturday in following the Convention agenda. The proposed change was tabled until the next convention. Bishop Benhase will name an ad hoc committee to work on the resolution and propose an amended version to the next convention. The proposed canon remains online here for reference while it is tabled for further consideration: Congregation at Risk (Constitution and Canons Committee member, the Rev. Robert Fain, is pictured above addressing the convention)

Deaconess Alexander
The convention passed a resolution calling on the 2015 General Convention of The Episcopal Church to add Deaconess Anna A.E. Alexander to its calendar saints commemorations. This is an identical resolution to the one passed in 2011 for the 2012 General Convention. This new resolution will keep this consideration before the churchwide meeting to be held in Salt Lake City next summer. The text of the resolution is online here: Deaconess Alexander

Willoughby Named Honorary Canon for Life
In its final action, the Convention unanimously approved the following resolution:

“Whereas Mary Willoughby, as Canon for Administration brought a high level of professionalism to her work, creating both financial stability and transparency in the Diocese of Georgia,

And whereas Canon Willoughby was a vital part of the team that saved the diocesan camp and conference center in its time of crisis,

And whereas Canon Willoughby pursued her work in a way that exemplifies a true Christian vocation,

Therefore, be it resolved that the 193rd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia names Mary Willoughby an honorary Canon of the Diocese of Georgia for life.”

Mary Willoughby has served on the diocesan staff as the Canon for Administration since 2010. She recently announced she will be stepping down to return to her consulting work full time. Bishop Benase and staff are currently interviewing candidates for the position.

Canon Mary Willoughby is shown at right above with her husband, the Very Rev. William Willoughby III and their daughter, Colleen.