The 192nd Convention of the Diocese of Georgia included the following videos:

Video Reports on Programs

Peer Coaching

A short video on the peer coaching program in the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.

Columba House

A video on the new relational evangelism community being created in mid-town Savannah in the fall of 2013.

Cursillo in the Diocese of Georgia

A video report to Convention from the Cursillo Commission of the Diocese of Georgia on the rebirth of Cursillo.

The Legacy Society

A video on the Legacy Society of the Diocese of Georgia which encourages and facilitates planned giving to churches or diocesan institutions.

New Beginnings and Happening

A video on two foundational youth programs in the Diocese of Georgia — New Beginnings and Happening — which are retreat weekends for Middle and High Shool students.

Episcopal Youth and Children Services

The Episcopal Youth and Children Services (EYCS) video report to the 192nd Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. The group has given more than a million dollars in scholarships to the children of the Diocese to assist with summer camp, college and some medical bills.

Misson Videos

Heaping Hands at St. Michael’s, Waynesboro

The Heaping Hands Ministry of St. Michael’s, Waynesboro

St. Paul’s Albany working at Neighbors in Need

Members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Albany, Georgia, assist with the local Neighbors in Need Program run by a Roman Catholic Church. St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Albany also assists on another week of the month.

The Food Pantry at St. Andrew’s and St. Cyprian’s, Darien

The Food Pantry at St. Andrew’s, Darien

Just for Fun

Code Green Alert

This Code Green Event video shared with delegates the efforts to reduce the waste produced by the convention through recycling and composting.

Join the Adventure. Be an Acolyte!

A humorous short film featuring the acolytes of our host parish, St. Anne’s Tifton, in a video of an acolyte dreaming during the church service.

What I Love About St. Anne’s (Dubbed Edition)

A parody video with members of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Tifton, Georgia, telling what they love about their church only to have their answers dubbed over by the assistant rector.

Silence Your Cell Phone in Church

A Public Service Announcement from the Diocese of Georgia about the need to silence one’s cell phone in church.