The following people were elected to diocesan offices at Convention 2011:

Board of Officers of the Corporation
Ned Smith

Diocesan Council
Lawrence Bowen

Ecclesiastical Trial Court
The Rev. Tony Powell
Bill Bruce
Lucy Tomberlin

Standing Committee
The Very Rev. Ted Clarkson
Hughes Threlkeld

Trustee of the University of the South
The Rev. Robert Fain

Deputies to General Convention

Clerical deputies
The Rev. Canon Frank Logue
The Very Rev. Ted Clarkson
The Rev. Lonnie Lacy
The Rev. Joe Bowden, MD

Clerical alternates
The Rev. Tar Drazdowski
The Very Rev. William Willoughby, III
The Rev. Dr. Jim Shumard
The Rev. Canon Leigh Hall

Lay deputies
Molly Stevenson
Victoria Logue
Bill Steinhauser
Jody Grant

Lay alternates
William Bruce
Carolyn Baker
Teresa Blue
Elena Gregory